Experiences from conception to age six have the most important influence of any time in the life

Nicole Letourneau

Principal Investigator and Director


Email: nicole.letourneau@ucalgary.ca

Dr. Letourneau holds a Palix (formerly Norlien/Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation Research) Chair in Parent-Infant Mental Health and is Research Coordinator of RESOLVE Alberta; her CHILD Studies Program develops and tests interventions that support the development of vulnerable infants, children and youth. Program subjects include the impact of variables--parent-child relationship quality, supportive relationships, family violence, and parental mental health outcomes--on children’s health and development. The focus is on the relationship between protective factors of quality parent-infant/child relationships and social support. The program seeks to improve health and developmental outcomes for at-risk children via support interventions but also to understand how psychosocial interventions function to improve outcomes. Dr. Letourneau’s research promotes understanding of the relationship among social (caregiving) experiences, neural and endocrine systems, and children’s cognitive and social development.