Experiences from conception to age six have the most important influence of any time in the life

Penny Tryphonopoulos

Program Manager

Penny Tryphonopoulos is the Program Manager for the Calgary location of the CHILD Studies Program. Penny was also the Project Director for the DADS research study in the CHILD studies program. She graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2005, maintaining Dean’s List status and other academic honours throughout the course of her degree. Upon graduation, she obtained her Registered Nurse’s certification and began working on an orthopaedic/plastics unit at the Dr. Everett Chalmer’s Regional Hospital in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Penny is currently in her third year of full-time study in the Interdisciplinary Studies program at UNB. Once she obtains her doctorate her ultimate goal is to teach and conduct research at a reputable Canadian university. Penny’s research interests include maternal and child health, early childhood development and children’s/adolescent’s attitudes regarding health and well-being. She is also a recipient of a Social Science and Humanities Research Council Scholarship and a Canadian Institute of Health Research Doctoral Award.