Experiences from conception to age six have the most important influence of any time in the life

Lubna Anis

Dr. Lubna Anis is a medical doctor (foreign trained) who is currently registered as a doctoral candidate at the University of Calgary. Her doctoral research involves evaluating the Attachment and Child Health (ATTACH) parenting program that focuses on improving parental Reflective Function to better promote child development. Her background is in clinical medicine and project management but she is also well-trained in administering various standardized measures to assess parent-child relationship and code parent-child interaction quality. She has been involved in various research projects focusing on maternal and child health at the Agha Khan University Hospital Karachi Pakistan, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute and the University of Calgary. Her research interests include parent-child relationships, parent-child interaction quality, parental reflective function and child development. She is also interested in developing and testing more effective parenting programs to improve children’s and population health. Public health interventions, such as ATTACH are of keen interest to Dr. Anis as the program has great potential to improve population health and can be delivered to most child bearing families internationally.