Experiences from conception to age six have the most important influence of any time in the life

Julie Easley

Graduate Student

Approximately 10,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer each year in Canada. Two thirds of these cancers are diagnosed in young women. Due to improvements in the treatment of cancer, survival rates are on the rise and the experience of survivorship has become a critical focus in cancer research. The overall impact of cancer and treatment can be severe for all cancer survivors; however, young adult survivors often face additional challenges in terms of fertility, sexuality, education, relationships and financial issues at a stage in their lives when their peers are forging ahead on the road to independence, careers and families.

My research will explore the experiences of young adult women who are cancer survivors during the first year following the completion of cancer treatment. The goal of this doctoral research is to identify needs, examine support-seeking behaviour and to explore possible interventions and solutions to address the needs of young women during rehabilitation (physical, social, psychological, vocational and/or educational) after cancer.