Carrie Pohl

Carrie’s main roles on the CHILD Studies team is AVA Training Platform Project Coordinator, and RESOLVE Alberta Project Coordinator. Carrie is a Registered Social Worker who earned a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work (Trauma-Informed Practice specialization) from the University of Calgary in the Spring 2021. Her 13 years of social work practice has included experiences working mostly on the frontlines with high-risk youth, women experiencing family and/or intimate partner violence, and with those who struggle with mental health and addiction. Carrie is most fascinated by the effects of childhood adversity and the implications it has on individuals over the lifespan. She is also passionate about interventions that help break the cycle of attachment trauma, family violence, and adversity, and being part of systemic changes to prevent family violence. In her spare time, Carrie enjoys spending time with family, trying new food, going to the movies, camping, and travelling.