Experiences from conception to age six have the most important influence of any time in the life

Lyndsay Mackay

Dr. MacKay is a Registered Nurse and Postdoctoral Fellow. She worked as a pediatric nurse for 12 years while attending graduate school. She completed her undergraduate degree and masters degree at the University of Lethbridge. Dr. MacKay completed her Doctorate of Philosophy at the University of Calgary investigating parental and health care professionals’ experiences caring for hospitalized Medically Fragile Infants. She is passionate about ensuring the health and well-being of at-risk, fragile infants and their parents, as well as, exploring and developing interventions that strengthen parent-child/infant relationships. Currently, Dr. MacKay is working with Dr. Nicole Letourneau as a Postdoctoral Fellow, utilizing digital technologies to develop novel interventions aimed at improving parent-child/infant interactions. She finds enjoyment engaging in any outdoor activity (hiking, running, snowboarding, biking) with her husband, two young boys and pup; particularly if the activity is in the mountains!