Experiences from conception to age six have the most important influence of any time in the life

Joni Leger

Graduate Student

  • Program: Master of Applied Health Services Research
  • Email: jllgr@mta.ca
  • Funding Source: Canadian Institute of Health Research

Joni completed her BA with honours in psychology from Mount Allison University. In her undergraduate thesis she explored the relationships between extraversion, positive affect, and self-complexity. Joni looks to better understand how people think and feel in order to help them make positive changes in their lives through teaching new skills and providing counsel.

After a traumatic birth experience with her second child Joni developed a keen interest in maternity care and postpartum depression. She began volunteer work with the Midwives Association of NB and Birth Matters to raise awareness of maternity care issues and to lobby for change in New Brunswick. Joni also became involved with the CHILD research program as a peer mentor with the MOMS study before becoming a research assistant with the program. Joni has completed, through the Atlantic Regional Training Centre (ARTC) at UNB, a Master's in Applied Health Services Research (MAHSR). Through the MAHSR, under the supvision of Dr. Letourneau, Joni investigates peer mentoring and postpartum depression.