Current Affiliated Projects

Advanced Neuroimaging of the Effects of Prenatal BPA Exposure on brain structure: A Translational Study

Members of the Team
Principal Investigator: C. Lebel
Co-Investigators: N. Letourneau, D. Dewey, J. Dunn, J. Martin, D. Kurrasch
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Canadian domestic homicide prevention initiative with vulnerable populations

Members of the Team
Principal Investigators: Dawson, M. & Jaffe, P.
Co-Investigators: D.Crocker, M. Dube, M. Hampton, N. Letourneau, K. Rossiter & J. Ursel

Conceptualizing and operationalizing compassion in paediatric healthcare

Members of the Team
Principal Investigator: S. Sinclair
Co-Investigators: J. Crysdale, G. Guilcher, S. Kuhn, N. Letourneau, S. Raffin-Bouchal, F. Schulte

Determinants of disorganized attachment: Contributions of maternal stress and behaviour

Members of the Team
Principal Investigator: S. Madigan
Co-Principal Investigators: G. Giesbrecht, N. Letourneau, T. Campbell

EpiBrain: Epigenetic effects of B-vitamins on brain health throughout life: Scientific substantiation and translation of evidence for health-improvement strategies

Members of the Team
Principal Investigator: 
Co-Investigators: Y. Lamers, N. Letourneau, H. McNulty, M. Murphy.

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Low or imbalanced dietary and biomarker status of folate and interrelated B-vitamins (methyl donor nutrients) perturb 1-carbon metabolism, and adversely affect brain development in early life and brain function in later life. Human studies show that improved maternal folate status during pregnancy is associated with improved cognition in the offspring, whilst optimal folate and related B-vitamin status may prevent cognitive decline in later life. The biological mechanisms explaining these relationships are not clear but may involve DNA methylation of epigenetically-controlled genes related to brain development and function. A better understanding of the mechanisms linking relevant B-vitamins and the epigenome with brain health at critical stages of the lifecycle is necessary to support evidence-based health improvement strategies. The EpiBrain project aims to investigate the nutrition-epigenome-brain relationship across the lifespan, focusing on methyl donor nutrients and their related epigenetic effects in relation to brain outcomes.

Evaluating collaborative care for postpartum depression in pediatric primary care settings

Members of the Team
Principal Investigator: C-L. Dennis
Co-Investigators: J. Maguire, P. Parkin, C. Birken, S. Vigod, S. Grigoriadis, N. Letourneau, J. Hoch, W. Isaranuwatchai, K. Thorpe

Research Advancement through Cohort Cataloguing and Harmonization (ReACH)

Members of the Team
Principal Investigator: l. Fortier
Co-Investigators: N. Letourneau and 26 others

Supporting Somali and Syrian Refugee Adolescents

Members of the Team
Principal Investigator: M. Stewart
Co-Investigators: S. Yohani, N. Letourneau, J. Hyndman, M. Hynie

TRajectories Of healthy life using Public Health and primary care interventions in Canada: The TROPHIC Trial

Members of the Team
Team Grant: Healthy Life Trajectories Initiative (HeLTI) – Canada
Co-Principal Investigators: C.L. Dennis, C.S. Birken, P. Juni
Co-Investigators: N. Letourneau and 40 others