Presentation and Talks

  • Dr. Nicole Letourneau on Canada’s approach to early childhood development (Podcast)
  • How to recognize the signs of postpartum depression (Video)
  • Dr. Nicole Letourneau on Exploring baby’s brain development- How Postpartum Depression Affects Babies (ArticleVideo)
  • “Moms and Dads Matter: Building babies’ brains through everyday interactions” Dr. Nicole Letourneau at High Country Inn in Whitehorse (Video: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5)
  • “Uninventing the Modern Family” Dr. Nicole Letourneau at TED (Video)
  • Dr. Letourneau on Sirius Radio, What She Said (Audio)

Please note that some media may is selected from a larger list, if you wish to learn more or looking for something you cannot find on our website, please email the Program Manager, Andrea Deane.