Joanna Piekarski

Joanna Piekarski is originally from Toronto, Ontario, where she completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at York University. She started her work in the field of child development as a behavioural therapist where she first found her passion for early brain science. She continued her education at the University of Toronto where she completed a M.Ed developmental psychology and education. Most recently, Joanna has also completed a post-graduate fellowship in infant-parent health and the University of Massachusetts Boston, further expanding her passion for attachment-based interventions. Joanna has worked in the non-profit sector as a child development specialist since 2014, which is where she began collaborating with the ATTACH team during their first pilot study. During this time, Joanna expressed a strong interest in the program and was trained as an ATTACH facilitator. Along with her casual position with the ATTACH team, Joanna is also currently a registered psychologist in private practice.