Lubna Anis

Lubna Anis is a foreign-trained doctor, a PhD, and a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Calgary. Her background is in clinical medicine and project management, but she is also well-trained in administering various standardized measures to assess Parent-Child relationships, and child health and development. She has been involved in various research projects focusing on maternal and child health at the Agha Khan University Hospital Karachi Pakistan, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, and the University of Calgary.

Her research interests include Parent-Child relationships, immune health, and child health and development. Dr. Anis shows tremendous interest in gaining an understanding of measure development, immune health, and implementation science for her post-doctoral project. She plans to identify a convenient measure of attachment and immune health that can be used in community practice. These interests are underpinned by an interest in learning more about implementation science and its methods, which have tremendous potential to restore the bridge between research findings and clinical practice. Indeed, while health research provides an increasing body of evidence of valuable interventions that could be applied in clinical practice and/ or in community, only a fraction is translated into real-world clinical settings to address pressing clinical needs of patients and populations. Therefore, her project will address an important overlooked topic in health research: Implementation Science.