Stefan Kurbatfinski

Stefan Kurbatfinski is a first year Master’s of Science student in the Community of Health Sciences specialized in Population and Public Health. After completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences, Stefan’s research interests shifted toward those exploring how ACEs, parent-child interactions, childhood trauma, and attachment patterns affect children’s development. However, Stefan continues to be interested in the natural environment and the benefits that may derive from expending time in nature and wildlife. For this reason, Stefan hopes to combine environmental research with child development, with an emphasis of observing how the natural environment may promote healthier development of children who have experienced child abuse and/or neglect. In this way, Stefan hopes to achieve research that will contribute both to the battle of climate change and to that of child abuse and neglect. Outside of school, Stefan enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, mindful practices including yoga and meditation, photography, and spending quality time with those he is close with.